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M%&*% F%*(I&)g FXR horn


So we all know that FXR horns are a pain in the ass to get to.  Ok, we probably all don't so many weren't riding back when FXRs were being built or never had one.  But, yes, FXR horns are a pain in the ass to get to.

Mine had stopped working.  So, I says to myself, "there's no front crash bar, let's just mount a Springer horn up on that front bolt hole."  So $47 later there's a nice aftermarket Springer horn and a chrome bracket to mount it on brought the nice postal lady that comes here. 

It mounts fine, but it's just too large for the area.  Offends any sense of proportion.  Looks like someone hung Roseanne's butt on a third grader.  So, next, I think to myself, "it's all black up there anyway, just some generic universal black little horn from the parts store."  Half hour and $20 later the new horn and I are back.  Much better proportion.  Get it mounted and it completely blends in. 

So, next, I think to myself, "any chance of grabbing the stock wires with my long forceps reaching under the oil tank?"  If so that would be convenient.  Grab the forceps and a flashlight and look in that deep dark hole beneath the oil tank.  Gawda&%it.  Stock horn has come unplugged.  Can barely reach in with the long forceps, grab it, plug it back on.  Beep beep.  Works fine.

Anyone need some spare horns?

First world problem?  :huepfenlol2:  Glad you got it worked out.


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