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Adding Tri-Bar fender extension questions

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For those of you who added the Tri-Bar fender extension on your CVO that is painted in Carbon Dust/Autumn Sunset what color did you use? I saw one that said they had used Vivid Black.
So my question is how well does this color match up to the Carbon Black? I am wanting to do this mod on my new to me CVO. I did this to my 2011 RGU and got the part color matched from Harley at the time. Just want to make sure it isn't going to look like crap if I get one in Vivid Black.


I thought I had read some of the people with the Carbon Dust/Autumn Sunset paint had added the tri-bar fascia?
Just hoping to find a Black color that is DANG NAB close to matching without having to send parts out to be painted. If I do have to so be it.
Carbon Dust isn't listed in the Harley catalog for any color match parts.

Well after installing the gloss black center console on my bike and how close it matches I think I am going to try a fascia in Vivid Black. I found one on Ebay for a okay price.

Pics ?

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