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Working on the RGU.

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SO I worked on the bike today and took the toe shift lever off and added heel-toe shifter levers. These are CHEAP Amazon levers so I ordered the Harley levers.

The PO had used a piece of tubing when he removed the heel shifter and had wrapped packing tape around the shifter shaft so it wouldn't rattle...……. :frown::serious::frown:   Did I mention how much I hate fixing stupid crap PO's do to a bike.

My nearest dealer didn't have the spacer in stock so I ordered it from Surdyke along with some other parts. But I wanted to be able to ride my bike until the parts get here so I went to the hardware store and bought a 3/8ID x 1/2" bushing that drilled out to 1/2" to fit the shifter shaft. It isn't perfect and the shaft still has a little play in it but I can ride the bike.

I had to try and bevel the spacer a little to go over the shaft where it goes from splined to smooth.

The new heel-toe shift levers I got from Amazon came with these pegs but the PO had installed floorboard spacers so I wanted to move the pegs out some.

This wasn't my idea I got it off a post on the RoadGlide forum.

Here is what it looks like with the heel & toe pegs spaced out 1/2".

Here is a shot with my spacer I made.

And a closeup.

Next I took the chrome tank console off and installed a gloss black console.

It was dirty under the console so I cleaned it up before I installed the new one.

I kept the CVO fuel door because it has the CVO badge on it. And I also kept the CVO insert because it is metal and the one that came with the black console was plastic. Plus I think it just looks better. I am real happy with how this turned out. IHMO I think the black console looks better than the chrome one.

And the last thing I did was to pull the pin in the tree so I could roll the handlebars forward some since I didn't like how close they were.

Nothing like a little good old American ingenuity.   :2vrolijk_21:   :2vrolijk_21:


--- Quote from: GregKhougaz on June 23, 2019, 10:05:38 PM ---Nothing like a little good old American ingenuity.   :2vrolijk_21:   :2vrolijk_21:

--- End quote ---

Having a drill press helps. It isn't perfect but it sure is a HECK of a lot better than the piece of tubing the PO had used. Trying to UNDO all the crappy work others have done is always fun.
Now that I have the heel-toe shifter installed I am finding I might want to use extended shift levers. Which doesn't make any sense since my foot fit on my old bike. But if I do need extended levers I'll get them from Soft Brake and just return the Harley levers.

Well no pictures this time but from reading a bunch of the threads on here and after riding the bike in the sun I found that I couldn't see my stereo very well so I saw that a lot of people had suggested using the screen shield from NuShield so I ordered their complete kit for the Boom and speedo/tach. I installed them and can say I was impressed with the quality and ease of installation.

I also hadn't posted any pictures of my bars moved forward. I'll get a chance to really try them out tomorrow on a ride to a VA appointment. We'll see how much better they feel now and if I still don't like the position I'll have to look at getting new bars.

I also ordered a rear fender extension for the tri-bar light and it will be here on Friday.


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