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RK cvo or not...????


Im in the possibility to get a 2010 Road king classic with 935 mi and a lot of stuff on it or a 2014 road king SVO with 3000 mi, the SVO is 20% more money..... what i want to know is if they worth it???, not going to be long traveler just for time to time 180 mi rides and so.....

what do you recommend? the RK and save some money that could be HD parts or the SVO and no money left.....

CVO all the way for a 4 year newer bike with all the cvo stuff for only 20% more is a steal.

Definitely CVO.  The trade in value includes the original chrome and add ones.   Those same items on a non-cvo will not get you much.

The CVO makes much more sense.

Getting a more powerful motor, Rushmore improvements, and one of the best paint schemes they've ever done....I'd go CVO  :orange:


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