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So I noticed the other day that when I am coming to a stop or slowing down I hear a whining from the left side of the bike.  Specifically, the front of the primary, at least that sounds where it may be coming from.  It sounds like a turbine engine is slowing down.  I've owned other softails before as well as a street glide and never heard this sound before.  It is a 110 engine and the others were smaller engines not sure if that has something to do with it or not.  Either way was wondering if I have something to be concerned with or if it is "normal"..  By the way it is a 2014 CVO Breakout...

The symptoms you describe Sound like the primary chain is too tight, the auto tensioner has been known to over ratchet causing a tight chain tension.

Thanks Aussie.  I didn’t really think of that. But now that you say it it kind of makes sense to me. However, I’m not too thrilled about draining the primary and pulling the cover off to readjust it. besides what would stop it from happening again. Want to try and prevent this if I’m able to fix it from happening again.   Any ideas!


It's not a "normal" thing, even with a Harley.  Unfortunately you can't diagnose or fix it without opening up the primary.  Common causes include the aforementioned primary chain tensioner as well as the inner primary bearing (behind the clutch) for instance. 


So the bike only has about 4500 miles on it so I am surprised that it might be something like this.  I guess this type of thing can happen regardless of mileage...  Does anyone know if the CVO's has the standard chain adjuster and would be any benefit of installing the manual one based on findings??  I don't want to do this twice..


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