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Need assistance on upper fairing vent on 2015 RGU

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Riding home I noticed my upper fairing vent closed by itself.  The button just rocks back and forth and will not open the vent anymore. Attached are two pics of the assembly removed from the bike.  I think the problem is with the arm I have circled. Should it be attached to the clip below.  Thanks in advance.


Look at the attached drawing and specifically at item #25, see if you are missing that part.  I don't see it in your photo.


King Glide:
In the drawing above number 25 is what they call a switch and inside it there is a little catch tooth. 
The catch is flimsy and most likely broken off. The dealership will have one to replace it, it costs about $4.00 and you can replace it yourself in about 10 minutes.

GRC and King Glide,  thank you both.  It appears the catch is broken.  Really appreciate the quick response. 

That catch is most flimsy and I have replaced three. It's more of a problem to get to it than anything else. On the 2020 Road Glides, the side vents have been eliminated altogether. Not sure how they expect that to work in the rain.  :huepfenlol2: 


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