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Garage Tie Down Of Your Bike In A Toy Hauler???

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Okay, I've hauled my bikes in trailers that I could easily bolt down through the floor into the bracing to put in front wheel chocks.


What do you do in a toy hauler that you do NOT want to drill and bolt through the floor?

I have a roll over floor chock that I may be able to make up outriggers to add side to side stabilization and tie down front to rear.

But without any way to screw 2"x4" on each side of the rear tire to keep it from sliding, I guess you can wrap straps around the wheels, but not really impressed with that option.

So what does everyone do without bolting a permanent front wheel chock in the floor?

Thanks in advance.

These T nuts work really well for me although initially you do have to drill a hole for them. You tap them in from the bottom and either use an adhesive or in my case a couple small screws on the shoulder of each one to keep them in place when not in use. That way you can remove your chocks to get them out of your way when not in use.

You don't need a front wheel chock or straps.  For Harleys it's the B&W Biker Bar.

I and many, many other full time RVers have been all over the nation with it......quick, fast, easy and more secure than anything else out there.  Use the search feature on this forum or google it.

Just this quick and this simple.....

I feel you do need a stop in any kind of towing. The Biker Bar is a scary unit when only bolted to the plywood floor of a camping trailer.


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