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Solo tourpak relocation


Hey guys, anyone here by chance take their 2016 FLTRUSE and turn it into a solo bike ? I'm looking to see some pics of my bike which is the obsidian grey, metallic grey color and orange pin stripe with that conversion. If not at least any FLTRUSE bike with that conversion ?

I did the conversion to my 2015.  I have inserted the link to what I did for my conversion.

15 as well with quick detach tour pack

I know this is always a SUBJECTIVE issue but I would like to hear which solo seats other recommend? I'm debating right now if I want to go thru all the trouble of making my TP removable. I like the look but am not sure about the antennas for the AM/FM & CB. I've never had a solo seat on any of my Road Glides so I'd be buying blind if I was to get one.

My link in the second post shows how I relocated my antennas for going solo.

I really like the corbin classic solo with the oval back rest.  Had it on my 15 CVO RG Ultra, and have one on my 13 CVO King.


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