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Reno Street Vibrations 2019.

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Ride Report: Reno Street Vibrations

The last time I attended this rally was October 2002, so I thought I would give it another try. The high point of the rally was the ride out through the California Sierras. All in all it was a bland rally with the same flavor everywhere you went. I knew that the rally was going to be just okay when they announced Erik Estrada as the Grand Marshall.

All the vendors I was looking forward to seeing were not there. Drag Specialties, Amsoil, Dunlop, Michelin, Arai, Shoei, Ohlins, Progressive Suspension and Meguires were all missing. Not even the windshield guys. The only bike maker there was BMW. No demo rides with HD, Honda, Kawasaki, Honda or Suzuki. There was the guy selling SWAT boots, and the Condor Wheel Chock guys. The lone exhaust vendor was Freedom, along with one air ride suspension vendor. There were some gadget vendors selling throttle locks marketed as cruise control, and other vendors selling chromed doodads.Other than that, it was all patches, pins, and mass made off the rack leather from Pakistan. The only one who took measurements for custom fittings was Espinoza Leathers. One thing they had plenty of was an "Official T-Shirt" booth on every corner. As for fashion, the "Sons of Anarchy" trend continues as everyone was into the "Club Vest" look. So much so that there were official club vest vendors, which is funny when you think about all these rebel, counter culture individualists buying their vests from an official vendor.

I did notice there were plenty of were pain management vendors. Everything from hot tubs, to magnetic bracelets, CBD oils, and a litany of natural remedies. I admire their forethought as pain and discomfort is often the downside or by product of this active lifestyle.

In the convention center there were less than a handful of custom bike builders, but nothing that really caught my eye. As expected there were the "Billy and Wyatt" tributes in this 50 year anniversary of Easy Rider. They also did a nice tribute to "Then Came Bronson".

In the end I walked away with having purchased teriyaki meat on a stick, three shrimp tacos, and a polymer spray to clean bugs off. I did go to Reno HD to test ride the new bikes, and ended up buying a shirt.

When you have to have an "official club vest".

Knock off Wyatt.

Knock off Billy.

Easy Rifer tribute.


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