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Colorado fall colors

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 First off thanks to all who added their input on routes on our trip. Being this was our first trip on the bike to Colorado all your help and updates on the color changes sure paid off for us.
 We orginally had 11 days planned but as we watched the weather it just didn't make good sense but to cut it back to 9 days.
 We did start this trip with the plan of rain by starting out with a washed and waxed bike...

Looped through Kansas on the way to make a trip through Greensburg. Spend some time here as a kid through the summer. My Grandparents operated this elevator and this was the summer playground for me and my cousins growing up. The tornado that wiped out Greensburg also took out the old house that used to be there. Sure some fond memories of there.

We made it through Kansas and at this sign put smiles on our faces

Ran into a little rain just outside of Denver but it didn't last long and we got all set up in the KOA in Estes Park.

Estes Park is a pretty neat town and we had done a little better research we would have known the 2 days we were there was some sort of a elk bulging event going on. Lots of people but also lots of elk running around in town. As we laid in the tent at night you could hear the elk.


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