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Clutch Lever Master Cylinder Kit


Clutch lever master cylinder on the '00 SERG started leaking slightly at the wiper recently (not the cap). Hydraulic clutch assy was installed by previous owner.  Time for a rebuild kit.  Prices on eBay about $55 for the clutch kit but only about $18 for the front brake kit.  They're both 11/16" & appear identical  -  what gives?  OK to use a brake kit in the clutch?

OK, a brake m/cyl kit will NOT work in a clutch m/cyl.  Parts are almost the same but the brake wiper will not pop into the clutch m/cyl housing.  I ruined two new wipers in the attempt & had to buy complete kits each time (can't buy just the wiper).  I finally bought a Drag Spec clutch kit online ($30) & managed to install it AFTER fabricating a piece of PVC pipe to squeeze the rubber cupped washers down to bore size (PVC I.D.=.70). If anyone HAS used a brake kit in their clutch m/cyl please chime in & tell me how you got that #&!% wiper in there.


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