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2017 CVO Ultra - How many faults is too many?

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At the risk of this sounding like a whinging rant, here goes....

In March 2017 I purchased a new 2017 CVO Ultra after trading in a 2016 Road King.

Since then I have had a laundry list of faults with the machine and I'm wondering how many faults is too many to accept from a dealer.

I do need to say this that all of the faults have been (eventually) fixed by the dealer under warranty, however now that the factory warranty is over and the extended warranty that I purchased from the dealer isn't worth the paper it's written on, i'm beginning to get nervous.

First thing that i noticed when I got the bike home was that the front faring didn't meet the rubber seal, there was a gap of around 2.5cm (1 inch) between the rubber seal and the faring (Pic attached is not the actual bike or gap, just to indicate where the gap was). Waited nearly a month till a new colour matched faring could be delivered and installed.

Next major was what I believe was the sumping issue that so many theres have experienced, however at the first indication of teh symptoms (loss of power etc) i took it back to the dealership where they said they would test it. First thing the dealer parts manager said was that it was normal to experience loss of power when you have just ridden on a hill......ummm what?

They tested it, by leaving the bike running for twenty minutes in the workshop and then riding it round the block and found nothing wrong. "Bring it back if it does it again"i was told. Well it did a few weeks later, when I was nearly 400miles away from home on an iron butt ride......complete loss of power, engine over heating, burning smelll the works......which resulted in the dealership having to fly me home, ship my bike back and repar the issue......but they never told me what the issue was.

Now for the rest, in no particular order.....remember this is in 2.5 years and on a brand new NZ$58,000 bike (US$37,000) .

*  Boom box failed and played noting but static - complete replacement - failing again now after fitting of the hidden antenna - wont stay on station when on FM
*  Heated Hand Grips failed - Complete replacement - Replacements failed again last month.
*  Moisture behind glass gauges - replaced - moisture again visible behind these now.
*  Split in pipe heat shield - replaced - this happened twice in the space of 4 months with very little riding done
*  Rear wheel bearing collapsed - replaced
*  Master cylinder leaking - seal replaced
*  Front and rear speaker covers tarnished and cracking - total of  6  covers did this at various times.
*  Chrome peeling from highway pegs - replaced
*  Moisture and fogging on inside of headlight - apparently this is not covered by the extended warranty as its made of glass - um really? since when? The service manual says its polycarbonate..
*  Baffle in muffler (dealership fitted screaming eagle street cannons) 'fell out' and was knocking around in side the pipe. - Replaced - but no recalibration done as that was not covered by the warranty and not available when I said I would pay to get it done.

Probably sound like i'm being a bit precious, but when you buy a new bike you expect it to last longer than a couple of years.........or am i being too picky?

Thoughts welcome.


Just thought Id better add that this bike is kept in the garage whenever is not being ridden, regular service intervals, and maintained within an inch of its life as far as polishing the shiny bits goes.

We call those bikes Monday or Friday builds (Monday coming in hung over from the weekend and Friday, too worried about doing it all over again)

As you have found out, it's things like this that diminish the shine on an otherwise fun purchase.  That's a LOT of things to fail or need addressing on your bike.  Is it too many?  Well, that's up to you.  With warranty, things like this are not a financial burden but as you and lots of us can attest, once the warranty is out, that previously "free" repair is no longer such.  Seeing that first bill after warranty can make a grown man cry... :'(

You mention purchasing an extended warranty and it not being worth the paper it's printed on?  What's going on with that?  Did you modify your bike in a way that the extended won't cover anything anymore or did the warranty company go belly-up?  If there is any other issue than your modifications, have you addressed these warranty concerns with your dealer and tried to get any money back on it?  Not that this would answer your post questions but your statement does add to the concerns with your constant repairs.

As I stated, none of us can answer your question as it's up to you.  If you still love it, you put up with the flaws. 

If not? 

Normal to lose power after driving up a hill??????? BIG PINNOCHIO :huepfenjump3:

Thanks for you comment Haird :)

Reference the extended warranty, I recently claimed on my headlight that was fogging up under the extended warranty (underwritten by an insurance company not HD). Only modification is Street Cannons fitted at time of purchase by the dealer.

The first thing they tried to say was that as it was a fault with the part at manufacture so go back to HD......I explained that's why I had the extended warranty and they said that as it wasnt an accidental damage claim it wasn't covered.......but wait, it gets better. When I argued that the warranty was not accident insurance (which I have with the same insurer), they tried to say that the part 'still wasn't covered as the extended warranty doesn't cover parts made of glass....I then gave them the OEM parts info explaining that the headlight is polycarbonate not glass so we are now in a stalemate......two months and counting.  :-\ :-*
Interestingly I had a meeting with the dealer principal yesterday and he said that as they sold the extended warranty they would support me with claims against this, but if the extended warranty didnt cover it I would have to pay.

I countered with "How long should a brand new HD bike last without manufacturers defects, and have you ever seen a bike with this many faults so soon?"....this was met with silence. I then said that as a consumer my expectation was that I could expect a brand new bike that is regularly serviced by their dealership to last longer than a couple of years and quoted the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act (our consumers legislative protection).......sudden change of heart with them saying that they would always have open communication with me and they would always look after me.

Of course that was after I explained that their responsibility was also to stand behind the extended warranty they sold as they didn't give me all the information they were meant to at time of sale, and that they have now left themselves open for an up to $10K fine from the regulatory authority. :o

I think I'll be ok as far as getting issues repaired with no cost, but its just the hassle.

The worst part is........I bloody well love the damn bike and have no interest in giving her up  :P


--- Quote from: Haird on October 23, 2019, 07:25:36 AM ---We call those bikes Monday or Friday builds (Monday coming in hung over from the weekend and Friday, too worried about doing it all over again)

--- End quote ---

My 2020 CVO Limited is a Monday built bike, and it has many fit and finish problems that are really starting to piss me off. Even though I checked the bike over before purchase, little things have and continue to pop up. Life is to short to be dealing with this crap. This is my first CVO and certainly last Harley. Wish I kept my 2017 non CVO Limited. That bike was perfect.
Harley's so called quality has really gone down hill in the last couple years.


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