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Trying to identify this trailer

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Motorcycling friend phoned me because he knows I've had several trailers.  He is trying to help his friend identify this trailer.  Guy wants it to pull behind his little sports car and is for sale for $400 but no info available.

So wondering if anyone knows what the heck it is . . . and if it's worth $400 and additional $$ to paint.


 Kind of looks home made :nixweiss:


--- Quote from: Rooster on November 01, 2019, 09:44:49 AM --- Kind of looks home made :nixweiss:

--- End quote ---

Agreed.  Also looks like they had a bigger diameter tire in mind when it was created.

Thanks guys. Yup it’s a strange one for sure. Body kind of looks like it’s molded to me. But still could be some thin cheap junk. Think i would pass on it.

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Jerry I think Terry is correct.  Looks like a reproduction of an older model servicar.  The old meter maid unit.  I would suggest really check out the suspension and rear end.


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