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I've been reading about these trailer's posted here and started my search.
Missed a 2016 locally being I am still on the fence.
It was the turbo + 2 ??  for $3200.00
Not sure it that was a average price for these or not.
There is  a old one, he thinks it is a 1997 and wants $2250.00  Seems like too much.
Any input on what a used Bushtec trailer is worth and if you hear of 1 for sale would be great.

Talk to or PM this man right here:;u=11174

If he can't help you with information and finding what you want, it ain't out there... :2vrolijk_21:

Thanks Haird.  I responded to Joel.  I think I can help him buy riight. Just sold this one yesterday. Nice little one owner 1996 with no options other than carpet and cooler $1,100.

Thanks going out to Chains for locating a trailer in Sacramento for me to look at.
 Called the guy and after a long talk we made a deal on the 2006 Bushtec Quantum GL
Sounds like it has a fair amount of extras on it.
A friend and I  are going to head down Friday and try to get to the seller's house mid morning Saturday.
Once I get back home and unload it I will post a few pictures.

Not sure of exact year built!   98 Bushtec bought it in. 01 for $1800. Still gave it and still use it. If ZZI were to sell it I would start at around the $2300 mark!

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