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Here is our new Bushtec Quantum GL
Chains help locate it in Lincoln Ca.  And with the help of a friend we drove down from Spokane to bring it back home.

Now to go thur it and make sure it is ready come spring.

See you scored a rig with their nice wheels :2vrolijk_21: .  Even if you use these things only rarely if you use them at all they quickly gain the feeling of being almost necessity.  It's just nice to be able to throw sh%t in the back and not have to think the packing process three or four times to get bare necessities in only saddlebags.  Enjoy the rig and the space.

Looks good Joel.  Looks like he threw the hitch pin in even a better deal. Enjoy

I was able to post 1 picture from my phone than kept getting the file too large message when attempting to add more during a reply to thread.
It has a tool bag with tire spoon and a hose for a pump along with the wrench to remove the wheel.
What appears to be a siphon hose for gas, spare ( flat ) with cover, and extra wheel bearing.
Looking the trailer over it is in really good shape, thinking of having the painter next door give me a price of adding paint & pin stipes and to match the bike.
  I'll pull the wheels off tonight to inspect the bearings, Called Bushtec this morning and was told the bearing could go 60,000 miles, but the tires are worn out and shouldn't be hard to knock out the old and tap in the new ones.
 Got some prices on the hitch and harness kit needed.
Thinking of converting all lights to LED.
All in all very happy with this trailer.
Guess this is much like a new bike and doing a few personal touches.


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