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Stop and go traffic 300* oil temp no clutch!

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Mountainman streetbob:
Ok 2012 cvo7 electraglide ultra

Stop and go traffic for an hour

2nd time it's done this

Clutch lever gets closer and closer to handlebar

Then nothing!!! Lever to the bar no pressure at all!

Btw ambient temp 63 deg

Clutch fluid level is good

1. What fluid has the highest boiling point?

2. Do I really need additional oil coolers and a cooling fan for stock oil cooler just for stop and go traffic?

3. Should I move fullsac pipe to top of list priority and get rid of cat converter stock pipe?

4. Bike has power commander v with a tune... runs like a raped ape and getting 42 mpg since finding 02 sensors disconnected... and reconnecting

5 Is there anything in clutch, actuator etc I need to check?

6 when I changed all 4 holes everything looked smelled great

First harley with a hydraulic clutch works great when it works but completely losing pressure really sucks

The fluid is boiling from the heat of the engine and exhaust. Owner's manual states that it should be changed every two years. I'd put that as a priority service on your list.


Flush the clutch hydraulic system and refill with fresh DOT 4 fluid, then consider insulating the clutch hydraulic line where it runs in close proximity to the exhaust system.  Getting rid of the catalyst should make a significant difference in the amount of heat transferred to the clutch fluid.



--- Quote from: Mountainman streetbob on November 21, 2019, 08:25:21 PM ---
6 when I changed all 4 holes everything looked smelled great

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i may be missing something, but what is the 4th hole?

Mountainman streetbob:
Wow turned 3 holes into 4!

I am a magician!!!

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