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D&D Diablo Gato 2:1


Not much info out there from Diablo Gato exhaust owners... looking to possibly add them to my 2010 SG. I'm torn between D&D DGs or the Fullsac DX pipe (currently have V&H High Output muffs, no other mods so far). Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated - thanks


Fullsac DX is proven and very popular. I don’t know anything about the D&D but I’m sure it’s a good product as well. The High Outputs are killing your power! The baffles are Way to big. I had the 4.5 monster rounds and they killed low end TQ HO’S are even worse!

thanks for the note. I ended up going with the Fullsac X pipe and 2.25 baffles (with stock CVO mufflers) with the TTS tune. Pretty nice jump in low end torque and the sound is pretty amazing as well. Glad I went with Fullsac. Thanks again!


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