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HOG membership benefits dwindling

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received my yearly membership package yesterday, as a lifetime member for about 17 yrs. was disappointed to see that there wasn't a touring handbook with road atlas included. so, I called HOG to inquire about it. was told that they did away with it because so many dealerships were moving & changing that the info would be inaccurate before it reached us, the consumer. another benefit gone. also checked into an "associate lifetime membership for the wife, who has in the past, been a member of lady hogs. it was 300+. WOW. I think I only paid 100-125 for my lifetime.  just a little vent (rant).

HOG is at best a shell of it's former self.  Am a Lifetime member, have not received the package yet but this change is not unexpected.  HD is focused on "new' riders and they have been taking existing customers for granted for more than a few years.  Years ago HOG had regional rallies as well as state rallies that were well planned - depending on which ones you attended.  State rallies are gone & don't know anybody who has traveled to one of the newer regional rallies.  From what I have seen in print regarding these I wouldn't waste my time or money on them.

The Milwaukee 115th National rally in 2018 from what I heard from locals was a real let down as compared to previous events.  Harley is chasing new dollars from new customers & it appears they figure their existing customers have plenty of cash to easily milk.  I think they have lost their way & do not see any return or improvement in that regard. Quit the local chapter last year because I wasn't doing any of the rides plus the rules and endless preaching before rides became too boring to make the following ride worthwhile. Squeezed the fun out of it.

Other than that, I am having a great day. Am taking a nice long ride this afternoon ending at Ye Olde Cigar bar to have a smoke & an icy cold beverage.   :drink:   ;D ;D

I get it to a degree... but come on man.  A map?  The cost of producing something as outdated as a paper map... easy call.  Bikes have navigation, theres the HD app with suggested rides, ride planning, etc.  If you REALLY want to go old school... stop at your local gas station and pick up a map for $5.

I've had to use the towing benefit twice... MORE than pays for the cost of the membership.

With the HOG membership you automatically get into the HD Museum now...they didn't include that before.  I only got tickets because I purchased a CVO... not because of the HOG membership...not its "free" to get in.

Times and overall needs of the majority change... there will always be things that get eliminated with growth; its a part of advancement.

Imagine if HD was still only producing 50cc engines because "thats tradition"?  I dont know...

Do I think they should raise prices? Absolutely not...particularly if they are cutting benefits... that you have 100% correct!

Well, be honest let's look at OUR CVO rallies. There's the Maggie Valley (which is strong), and a West Coast one that appears to be dropping off. Used to be we'd get a lot of riders and bikes for the West Coast events, but lately it's been very small numbers. But I get it, folks get older, life changes, money gets tight, and priorities change. Life on life's terms, can't do anything about that.

So it's not surprising HOG has had a fall off too.

It would have been nice if H-D did a survey of all HOG members to see what benefits were still useful to it's members.
I know I may be in a minority but I find the map books useful not only on a bike but in other vehicles and can also be used to teach the grandkids geography on a larger scale then on a small screen.
Again being in a minority I don't have a smart phone and don't want one. I also know many models of Harleys don't have built in GPS systems. It is also harder to find full service gas stations that are open and carry a full selection of maps. Maybe some convenience stores still sell them? Otherwise I guess we would need to order maps in advance off of the internet.......
I for one would use a map more often then admission to a museum half way across the nation from where I live. But I also understand that we are individuals with various wants and needs etc.


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