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So who makes the best rain suit based on; Keeping me Dry, Easy to get off and on and easy to store? Tire of messing with the old Harley one. Really hard to get the bibs over my boots, but I do like the bibs!


I've rode with the Tour Master Elite 2, two piece rain suit for years and have never got wet.....not even in 8 hr. downpours.  The pants have zippered legs that go up above your boot tops and then velcro tight around the cuff.  The jacket is breathable (doesn't stick to you), vented, soft collar velcros firm around your neck right up under your full face or modular helmet.

Now it looks like the Tour Master Elite 3.

Loved our HD hi-vis stuff but it finally gave up the ghost. Replaced them with Icon brand. One thing I check out when looking for rain gear is how far up the leg that zipper goes. The longer the zipper, the easier it is to put on and take off. The zippers on these go clear up to the top of the inseam (the zipper is on the outside though) which makes it very simple to deal with.

I agree with OBB's good advice.   I bought Nelson-Rigg's WeatherPro rainsuits for the wife and me several years ago...they work, but not the easiest to put on.  Did get a little seepage around the neck area but it was during the heaviest of downpours I have ever ridden through.

Lew if you want to see rain suits first hand, Harley dealerships is not the place to go.  Honda, BMW and other mfgs. as well as places like Cycle Gear, Renagades, etc. will have a better variety and inventory.

By the way, the best rain suit is Gerbing XE  (eXtreme Element) heated pants and jacket.    I quit carrying a rain suit after I got the XE's dual purpose and much more comfortable.  I usually just wear a t-shirt under it unless it's down around freezing temps......then I might wear a long sleeve t-shirt.  Pricey but well worth it!


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