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CVO Couple:
Anybody using the Harley 80-140 gear oil or any other brand in their primary?


No, why would you want to use 140 weight gear oil in the primary?  I'd recommend you stick with the standard 80 weight if you want to use a gear oil, make certain it is wet clutch compatible.  The 80w140 product is for the transmission.


CVO Couple:
Harley list the 80w140 product as compatible in the primary drive for hot temps and heavy load riding, my thinking was its to thick and would cause more clutch dragging.

I have not used it, but like you stated it can be used.. Good ole Redline for me..


It's OK in the trans (people have been using other brands of 80w140 for decades in Harley transmissions), I'm not sure why they think a more viscous fluid would be good in the primary.  There is nothing in the primary that requires a higher load rated lubricant, it's basically a simple chain drive.  The auto industry uses ATF in their chain driven transfer cases these days (it's also what I use in the primary of my old Twin Cam), so obviously they don't think heavier is better.

Try it if you want and see what you think. 



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