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Is the Rocker Lockers worth doing?  Here is my dilemma, I have a new 110 engine being put in at the dealer.  It would be easy to add Rocker Lockers prior to placing engine in bike.  Should I open Rockers up and have the Rocker Lockers put in prior to placing in engine or wait for the noise to drive me crazy? Any issues with warranty?

I use them in lots of builds. Current 117 build holding up fine.

for no more than they cost, I just put them in when I changed lifters out   :nixweiss: so I think its just somn I don't have to worry about making noise. FYI on mine I didn't see any witness marks on the shafts that would be an issue at that time

If you are going into the rocker boxes anyway then yes I’d put em in.  I had a lower rocker box gasket leak so I had to take the rocker boxes off anyway so I went ahead and put em in during reassembly.  They did quiet down my top end considerably so it was definitely worth the $15. 

If you’re only reason for going into the rocker boxes is to install the lockers then I suppose it would depend on how loud your top end is and your tolerance for it.  It was quite a process for me to install mine mainly because I have the old style fuel tank with crossover line in the front.

i used them in mine.  it made a very noticeable difference in quieting the 'clacking' top end.  for what they cost, i'd go ahead and use them.


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