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Author Topic: GMC offering a Harley Truck  (Read 1156 times)

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Re: GMC offering a Harley Truck
« Reply #30 on: January 13, 2020, 08:58:24 AM »

Nice truck, not something I want but I have been looking at a Denali and it, the way I would order it, would be close to the HD price. So whatever you want, if you can afford it then its alright. Rather have this loaded vehicle than a cheapo basic Corvette or Porsche for sure at my age the truck would be more useful.
I will agree on base, much rather loaded.  But Honestly at price point, the 3LT, Z51 2020 Stingray very well loaded is 85K.  I would much rather have it than the HD truck and have money let over.

I'm a die hard GMC truck guy.  I have had 8 new ones in 35 years.  In March of 2017 I wanted to down size from my Top of the line GMC Crew Cab diesel Dually 4x4.  It was an 2006, SLT as Denali was not in HD trucks back then, 63,000 miles on it.  Spotless truck.  Heart was set on Denali 1500 with Ulitmate package.  When to trade at dealer I bought the 2006 at.  Sales manager says he will give top dollar for my truck as it was bought there, serviced there and was low milage very good shape.  20 minutes later they came back with 20K for trade.  He also said they would go ahead and take 2000 off the 66K Denali.  I laughed.  Said, I'm leaving, I will be in a new truck by Friday, this was Tuesday. 

Stopped at Ford the next day.  Told them I wanted the Equivalent to the Denali.  Showed me a nice 17 Platinum.  While testing their truck, when I got back they had apprised mine at 25K.  The platinum was 400 dollars less then the Denali.  They offered to take 7K off their truck.  Asked them to give me a day.

At home thought hard.  Take out price savings Ford had a lot more to offer.  Key-less ignition which my car, my wife's 2012, and my Harley have and the GMC did not.  Bigger infotainment screen, bigger sun roof, Much bigger cab, much nicer and bigger center console, 10 speed auto.  Tech in the GMC was way behind the Ford.

Thursday GMC dealer called and said they would give me 21K for my truck and take 3K off theirs.  I said, not even close to what Ford is offering.  You about 5K or more high.   Ill be going to Ford dealer again on 4 hours.

Went to Ford.  Told them while I really liked their truck I wanted the longer 6.5 bed, trailer tow mirrors an brown leather interior vice black.  Dealer says if you want to order I'll save you more.  So they ended up giving me 25,500 for my truck and took 9k off their truck.  Asked what was needed for a deposit, and he stuck out his hand, 5 weeks later I had exactly what I wanted.

Hopefully with the 2020 design changed GMC upped their content, electronics and features.
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Re: GMC offering a Harley Truck
« Reply #31 on: January 31, 2020, 03:03:47 PM »

So if Dodge was to pair up with the other company would they call thier new truck the Arrow Edition?
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Re: GMC offering a Harley Truck
« Reply #32 on: January 31, 2020, 04:08:28 PM »

So if Dodge was to pair up with the other company would they call thier new truck the Arrow Edition?

Maybe. If they wished to be PC (current version of PC, it changes upon the whims of the PC police without notice) the truck would be called "First Nation Native People's Edition." 
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