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I have a 2019 cvo wanting to get a bike to run around of from time to time.ive never ridden a Dyna.i have ridden a looking for either a screaming eagle springer cause they look so cool.but some people are saying I should get the cvo Dyna.any help with these would be helpful.

It's a matter of personal choice. 

In my opinion, a Springer will not be your "go to" for a performance bike or a hot rid bike......that's the Dyna.   Springer if you want the ol' school look, the Dyna if you want the go fast red light to red light bike.


Just my .02 but I would try to find a dealership or rental place that would allow you to spend the day on each bike to see how you feel on them (probably end up being stock models not CVOs though).
I too thought having two bikes, one for town short runs and one long distance trips would be fun but I found it to be bothersome in that I felt like I was neglecting one bike over the other and they were just collecting dust so I sold one to make the choice for each ride easier and less costs in taxes and insurance. I also felt the neglected bike was getting appreciated by it's new owner instead of deteriorating and depreciating from lack of use....

Thanks for the input


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