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Michelin Commander III

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Has anyone tried this newest version of the commander tire?

The MAJOR complaint I had about the IIs was their poor wet grip....especially in the cold...looks like they've addressed it! It'll be interesting to see how they do on some guinea pig's bike for some early spring riding.

Commander III

Tried buy them this last week in the UK, nobody seems to have them. So continued with Bridgestone.

Ok it been a while since this was post in. Anyone running one yet or have anything to add about the III's? The AE on the front is getting close to replacement. Am i going to be the guinean pig?

Looks like they just became available in January.

Based on the interweb information, sounds like it's the Commander 2 with slight tread and rubber tweaks to improve wet cornering grip without compromising tire life.

I intend to buy these next round but won't need new tires for awhile.


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