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Update on the subject of Cruise Control Problem '14 & '15 Softail Deluxe


There is an old thread about The Cruise Control Problem Already, but I have a different angle on the subject.
The same problem but my technician found that the problem was on the other hand 8). It was actually the brake lever that did not returned all the way out and the brake lights was lit and the Cruise Control could not engage.
The simple solution was to put a small in chim to disengage the brake light switch. A five minutes and five cents repair  ;D

I had the same issue, along with an other problem due to a similar cause.
In my case, the problem was on the clutch lever.

What I could see, as I don't use the cruise control in my daily trips, was a problem on the display of the engaged gear.
Sometimes displayed, often not, and from time to time appearing, or disappearing.

Of course, with ECM thinking I declutch, I could not engage the cruise control.

Anyone diagnosing a cruise control issue who doesn't first just eyeball brake lights / pedals is missing a step.  May not be your problem.  Often isn't.  But it's too easy not to make sure of.

Same problem on my wife's 2014 CVO Deluxe. Didn't display gears and Cruise wouldn't work. Switch replaced in the clutch handle as well.


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