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Hey guys, just trying to find out if anyone has bought or seen/heard in person the new SUPERTRAPP 140-68228 4 INCH STOUT SLIP-ON MUFFLER - HARLEY DAVIDSON CVO FLH/FLT 18-20. They have been out for a wile. They also use the stock heat shields and end caps, claim to increase HP and torque with no tuning if used with the stock head pipe.

I know a lot of people here use the Fullsac Power Cores but I am lazy and I don't have the tools to grind down the welds. I really don't want to open up the stock cans either. A dealer by me has a complete 2019 CVO exhaust for sale (not my color heat shields) for $100.00 so was thinking of maybe getting that and getting someone to re-core them but buy the time I pay for all that I could get a set of the SuperTraps.

So, I want to keep the stock head pipe (for now) and don't want to have to re-tune (for now) and would rather have performance  over sound, but still would like a better sound. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

Also, anyone ever see Fullsac or SuperTrap at Daytona Bike Week?

I have done exactly that before:  bought a pair of CVO muffs off ebay and re-cored them with FULLSAC cores.  That way I had a little insurance policy where I could go back stock for whatever reason.

Removing the old cores isn't a big deal.  I use a dremel with a cut-off wheel on it and slowly grind the welds.  If you go this way, be sure and 1.  wear eye protection  2.  get several cut-off wheels(they go away quick)  3.  Take your time and check progress often as not to undercut to the muffler body.

Couple of other helpful measures I found were:  drilled holes through my workbench top at the pattern that matches the muffler rear mount and bolted the muff to the workbench upside down and end out.

Cut off the 1 3/4 tube extension of the stock baffle with a hacksaw or saws-all to allow better access. (after removing the end cap, of course).  I do this to the Fullsac baffles anyway, so I have an echo chamber in the end cap(bigger more mellow sound IMHO)

Your mileage may vary.....

Good luck whichever and what ever...



If you keep your stock headpipe, you will not need a tune for any slip ons. CVO's come with a stage one download already in them.

Supertrapp/Kerker Stout's sound is pretty deep and they look great as well, but performance wise I found them lacking at lower RPMs. I am running my 2nd Fullsac header and baffles including tech mat set up which works excellent for me but if you want to keep your stock headpipe and not retune then TAB mufflers with your choice of 3 different baffles are definitely worth looking at. You can even use your own CVO tips and in most cases and save a little dough, or choose from one of their styles. Your heat shields will also work in all 3 scenarios.

Hope this helps, Let us know what you decide!


--- Quote from: rayson56 on January 22, 2020, 04:02:42 PM ---Supertrapp/Kerker Stout's sound is pretty deep and they look great as well, but performance wise I found them lacking at lower RPMs.

Can you please post a dyno sheet showing your results ?
--- End quote ---


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