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Shock Spring Ratings NM vs lbs per inch confusion


I have a set of YSS  366TRL 320mm shocks on my Road King.  It has dual rate Springs. The top ones are very close together and the lower section is farther apart. The rates are 25-45nm. 200mm length. According to a online calc. 25=221. 45=398. I cant figure if that's per mm or for 25mm ~1" to compare to U.S. pounds per inch. I can't figure out what to do to get the math to get the right Springs.  Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Tail Rider:  I think you're going to be closer to 145/255. NM converts more commonly to ft/lbs, hopefully the link will show NM (actually N/mm to lbf/in) to Force Rate. You have to use 25.4 to convert mm to inch and then you can figure your rate per inch.


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