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2017 CVO Limited 131 Upgrade finished! Awesome!!

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My 2017 CVO limited has 22k miles and has been 100% trouble free. The engine is 100% stock with the exception of slip-ons. The biggest thing I did was get rid of the stinky boom audio when the bike was new with a 100% focal upgrade and a Rockford dsp. The spiked olive color scheme in my opinion is one of the best, iconic paint schemes HD has ever done and I want to keep this bike. Since the warranty was over, I have decided to bump the 114 up to 131 with the new SE bolt-on upgrade. Kit includes: CNC Ported Cylinder Head with CNC machined chamber and 1mm larger valves, Stage IV Timer Cover, SE8-517 High-Lift Cam, Forged High Compression Pistons, High Performance Cam Bearing and Tappets, 4.31" Steel Sleeve Cylinders, 64mm Throttle Body and Cast Manifold and High Flow Injectors (5.5 g/sec). My dealer is giving 20% off parts and labor for the winter months so I ordered the kit today, it should arrive around 2/10 and hopefully I'll have the bike done around 2/18. The additional items I had to purchase was the sprocket retention kit, the spacer kit, the street tuner and the newest high capacity oil pump. I'll post the dyno results when the bike is done and I have about 2 weeks to break it in before I take it for a 3k mile trip to bike week.

Congratulations, that should make for a fun ride when your done.

Awesome my friend!!! I look forward to your reviews on the new build...

Please post up progress and thoughts. As soon as approved for CA I am "going in" also..

From another forum. Should make you happy


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