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Original tune AFR vs Stock improved?


I was looking at the AFR settings between the original and the stock improved and was surprised to see that the stock AFR settings in the 3750 rpm to 4000 rpm ranges was actually richer on my stock ECU calibration and wanted some input from others with more powervision experience than me. I have attached a pdf file of the two AFR settings.
thinking the stock improved would be better on gas mileage but the stock one would run cooler. Any other thoughts on why the stock one seems to be richer? Even at 14.0 in some areas where the stock improved is 14.4 across the board... I assume the bike would be in open loop mode at 14.0 and below? On a similar note, what is the lowest AFR that allows closed loop operation with narrow band AFR's?
When a map is set to an AFR outside the closed loop capability of the narrow band system, who does the system handle it and is that a good way to have it setup?
Just trying to learn from those that know more about this stuff because I am a newb at EFI.
Any advise welcomed and thanks...


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