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Another 2017 CVO limited 131 upgrade started LOL

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Here is the current sheet, running the HD torque cam, 64mm Throttle body, 5.5 injectors and the upgraded max flow SE intake, V&H pipes, with a TTS turner, currently has 112.69 HP and 125.11 Tq. still thinking about going with a different cam but, think i should be able to get into the 140's with this combo :-) and yep, the bike pulls great as is, cant wait to see what it does, kit is in and they start it next Tuesday.

Keep us posted my friend...

OK, i got the bike back last night, can't believe how much torque it has now, I wont have any dyno numbers for about a week but, when i do, they will be posted again

You'll love it!

Do you have the run the headpipe that comes with the 131" kit. Seems like it would be restricted since has the Cat in it. I'm thinking about doing the 131" kit but using my headpipe that's full flowing. My warranty is about up anyways...


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