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Thinking of changing my cam on my 2018 CVO limited.  I’ve never done this and have been watching some videos on how to do it. I’ve changed a full exhaust and done oil changes in past but this is a little more than that.  Doesn’t look extremely difficult but just time consuming having to pull the exhaust and floorboards. I also don’t have a cam bearing puller and would need to buy one. For those that have done this on your own do you wish woulda just let someone else do it. And also adjusting the push rods seems kinda a PIA.

If have average mechanical ability, you should be able to do it, I would recommend a factory shop manual and review it prior.

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i was very nervous the first time i did one on my cvo. once done i was like wow that was easy. get a good set of adjustable push rods. im a big fan of A1 cycles new push rods.

Think im gonna have an indy shop do it. Would need to take and have it tuned there anyways so may as well just let them do It all. I would need to purchase a cam bearing install tool & sprocket lock tool anyways. This shop did my motor upgrade on my 2015 RG so im famiiar with them..

Would it be a good decision to change the oil pump to latest one since gonna open it up anyways. Was thinking of using th S&S oil pump /cam plate combo. Found a good price on it. Someone told me to just change out the backing plate behind oil pump to latest one & roll with it. I Haven't experienced any sumping problems im aware of yet. But only have 2800 miles on it..


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