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I read somewhere that there is a CVO Boom Box 6.5 update available.

However all I can find at the Harley Software Download site is version

Is there a version available somewhere?


try here:

Did my update yesterday, worked perfectly.

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Thanks scratch, I appreciate it

When I opened Navitracs it updated to a new home screen. I can not get it to read my computer. Any ideas?
Also does anyone know if the five years on a 2015 is from DOM or Date you registered with Navitracs? My bike was five years old in Sept but I didn't update or register the maps the first time until 12/15.
Any help appreciated. With not being able to get it to read the thumbprint it wants to charge $159.99 for update, which maybe is correct if it goes by DOM or DOSale. But I would like for it to read the thumbprint first.


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