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I am seriously considering purchasing a 2014 CVO Softail Deluxe, and I really am undecided.

As a background,  this would be my first Harley.  All my riding to date has been on either Japanese or Italian bikes.  My current ride is a 2003 Aprilia Tuono,  and I hate to move on from it,  but my knees ache too much if I am on it for much more than a couple of hours.  The positive attributes of the bike are that it is just RAW.  There is no other word for it.  125 hp, insane handling, and crazy brakes on a 425 lb machine all add up to insane fun,  but even with standard bars,  my 58 year old body just takes a beating on an extended ride.  I have a buddy who has always ridden Harleys,  and has a pretty serious Street Glide,  and he said the bike scared him when he rode it.  It has a pretty good bit of carbon fiber, and OZ racing wheels which just makes it that much lighter and responsive.

So.... I have been seriously considering a Harley,  and I am leaning towards a Softail of some sort, rather than a larger bike, and have found a nice looking 2011 CVO Convertible and a 2014 CVO Deluxe.  Both are, admittedly, totally foreign to me, and just sitting on it feels "wrong", however, I am sure that is exactly what my knees need, so I figure I can adjust.  Still, I wonder if I will be satisfied with the performance.  I was reading somewhere, and in a review, someone bragged about their 50-80 mph 5th gear roll on,  and the closest I could equate that to was my 30-90 mph 3rd gear roll on (yes, it will pull hard from 3000 to 9000 RPM, but hardest past 6000 RPM). 

I know I am going to be giving up performance in every category, whether acceleration, handling, or braking,  but other than that I have no idea what to expect.  I love the looks, and generally the first thing I do is to start making changes to something,  but I honestly don't see anything about the Deluxe I would change from a visual standpoint, other than possibly a pair of stock spoked wheels.  About the only other thing would be to look into suspension upgrades.  The one I am looking at has the Maple Metallic paint, and distressed brown leather saddle, and it looks incredible.

Anybody have any words of advice that might nudge me one way or the other?  I am leaning more towards the Deluxe as it sits, but the convertible comes in considerably cheaper, but there is a lot I would change on it.

Has anyone here ever gone from a performance bike to a cruiser?  If so,  was it an easy transition,  and did you ever regret the decision?

Having done exactly what you are thinking I would say yes.  They are all motorcycles and the thrill is still there, cruising the back roads on a Duc or an HD is still cruising the back roads...the wind, freedom, the feel is probably more so on the HD cause your taking a little more time to enjoy the experience and not trying to kill yourself competing with your friends for a trophy that doesn't exist.  The torque off the line is enough to satisfy your need for speed with-out getting into ticket territory (and that's nice).  Going from a Duc to and HD is almost a natural progression, they are just as noisy, cranky, mechanical pain in the ass's as the Duc's but easier to work on and get parts for!  Try to get parts for rare older Duc's (not easy) but on the bright side you'll always be able to find parts for an HD.  You will get use to weight difference.  I have not regretted and can't believe I didn't get one sooner, I have a 17' CVO SG and love the fairing, bags, stereo, creature comforts, sound & torque.  HD Dislikes:  Price verses quality and behind other manufactures with features (being fair Power comes to mind on the older Duc's verse price), but like the Duc's the CVO's are sure nice to look at!  My advice is do it and keep the Duc if you can!

A Pic of one of my babies...

Thanks for chiming in.   Nice Duc.  I'm probably going to pull the trigger on this,  but I am pretty sure I will be mourning the loss of My Tuono(wife is agreeable with the Harley, but only if I let go of the Aprilia).  Still,  I did a few 5 hour rides last year,  which used to be a minor thing for me,  and I was nearly crying by the time I got done,  so I have to do something if I am going to keep riding.  Was considering an adventure touring bike but they are all so freaking ugly these days.  They Should bring back the Ducati Elephant.

On the plus side,  Maybe I could finally get her to ride with me on a Harley.

Maybe I could finally get her to ride with me on a Harley.
Another could reason to switch, sport bikes are not all that comfortable for the passenger (or the rider for that matter).  Sorry about calling your Aprilla a Duc read your post to quick, but most of what I said I believe still applies except that the Aprilla's I've ridden were a little more refined then most of my Duc's!  Good luck in your choice!


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