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Kickstand for lowered bike

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So I have a 2011 CVO Electra Glide that I lowered 2" in the rear and 1.75" in the front. Now that I have done this I need to find a new kickstand for the bike but so far all the ads I have seen say there wont work on my bike (??). Does anyone know what the part number would be or where to get one?

You do not need a different kickstand; just a different spacer between the kickstand and the frame. You should be able to find one for a lowered bike on the Harley website.

Not sure if I explained it well enough, sorry

With the bike lowered now using the original kickstand the bike sits up too straight and wants to fall over. Where the stand attaches to the frame is also where and how the foot pad attaches so you cant simply place a couple washers behind one bolt to change the angle.

What I need is a shorter or what they call a "-1" stand


What Greg is talking about is a wedge shaped spacer that makes the stand extend out further where it touches the ground, thus increasing the lean angle much like a shorter arm would.  I haven't seen an actual shorter stand in the Harley catalog for a long time, there are aftermarket offerings such as those below:


I also have a lowered bike front & rear, and years ago my H-D dealer installed the wedge Greg is referring to and it works great!

Much cheaper than replacing the entire stand and works just as well.   :2vrolijk_21:

If you inquire at your dealer I'm sure they will know about the wedge.


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