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First, I would like to thank all those who recommended pulling the top end of 110's apart in the 30,000 mile range. It certainly paid off for me as if we wouldn't have checked, it would have led to catastrophic failure in about 1000 miles. My mechanic pulled the top end apart, just expecting to replace Harleys junk lifters and a few other necessities. He called me and said you have to see this! Pictures will tell all.  This is my wife's 2014 FLSTNSE with 29.000 miles. Bought it new and used SYN3 every 3000 miles with filter.  Notice that HD did not use a Screamin' Eagle cam plate. Just used 107 stock, along with a lot of other standard 107 pieces. I thought these CVO bikes were put together with all Screamin' Eagle parts.  That was a big disappointment to me. My mechanic uses a lot of the Feuling brand parts as he feels they are superior to Screamin' Eagle. Using Zippers for cams. says there is no reason for this kind of damage to an engine with this kind of miles unless HD is using inferior (aka JUNK) parts.  If you're running a newer 110 I highly recommend finding a good mechanic as I can't say I would trust HD mechanics putting the same junk back in.  Enjoy the pictures. Ill post more than 1

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