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I really couldn't find any threads where this has been talked about.....what is the consensus when it comes to replacement gaskets?  Stick with H-D or go aftermarket?  if aftermarket, what brands/suppliers are recommended?   I'm talking about outer/inner primary cover, transmission, timing cover, rockers, etc.     

its actually a good question. ...

i have no idea, and i know in '07 '08 there was lots of problems with head and base gaskets that has seemingly gone away. no real idea what changed

You’ll probably get lots of opinions (Cometic and S&S seem to be very popular) but I have always stuck with H-D gaskets, mainly due to the convenience of having a dealership near my work, and I have never had any problems.

We always use Cometic.

FWIW. The Cometic water cooled head gaskets can also be used on the NON-WATERCOOLED engines with no problems.


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