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Want to buy an Indian, than test ride a Harley!

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Interesting marketing strategy, I like it! They know who their target audience is.

Yep, very interesting marketing strategy but why not?  Nothing to lose on the Indian side in promoting their Challenger. 

There are a couple of videos on the challenge one of which is both bikes pulling a taco food truck (which is really stupid) and the drag race which both guys ride, swapping, and the Challenger winning both runs even with the big boy on it. 

I'm not pushing the Challenger but I'm glad there is another fixed fairing, V twin, air/oil or water cooled offering in the stated many times here, competition is a good thing. 

I'm hoping it sells more Indians AND HD's...the more bikes there are on the road, the better for the sport... :2vrolijk_21:

I'm on record previously saying that when the Challenger hit the market, I'd take a hard look at it. Riding one in the snow here is not happening right now. I like all the standard features on it but that damn Karaoke machine inner fairing is a big turn off for me.

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I liked the Challenger until I looked at it in person...I’m sure the motor is decent, Some things just looked cheap to me... Switches definitely felt cheap, that big piece of plastic between the motor and bags look terrible... I’m still looking forward to test riding one,I realize All the  cheap looking parts can be replaced..

Indian will sell these no doubt & am hopeful that will result in pushing Harley forward.  No interest in one for myself. but considering the interest level out there, figure will see more than a few of these on the road.


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