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Harley Davidson Declining Sales



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Sad but so true....

Yes. Also they are worried that they would not have the exact correct size cup holder for their Iced, Half Caff, Ristretto, Venti, 4-Pump, Sugar Free, Cinnamon, Dolce Soy Skinny Latte from Starbucks.


We all laugh at "the kids these days" and blame them because they are easy targets, and sadly we live in a society that likes to look for an easy target. But we as the aging and dying out generation of riders have a say in this too.

It's always been my belief that riding comes first, the selection of motorcycle comes second. We owe it to ourselves and to those who nurtured our interest in riding to do the same with new riders. And there are new riders out there, you just have to look beyond the man buns, beards and goatees. That's why I make it a point that whenever I meet a new rider, I take interest in them and their ride. It matters to me not what kind of bike they ride, what matters is that they ride. I work with them to improve their skills make wise selections on clothing and equipment, and invite them along on rides. I try to keep them from becoming fad riders and work on making them dedicated riders.

One 25 year old rider on a Yamazaki is not going to save Harley from it's own misbegotten failings. But with our diligence and work  that rider will make it to age 35 or 40 and then be able to afford a Harley. If that's what they want.

But I could be wrong.


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