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Who is Howard Messner?

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I see that Howard Messner is the recommended supplier of Ohlin shocks to  a lot of the the HD Forum members.  How does he compare to Smarty?   As I'm getting ready to pull the trigger for front and rear upgrades to my years old Works Shocks rear and Ricor Intiminators front.

You can check out his website at motorcycle


Major Tom:
G’day Indenial,

Not sure who or where Howard Messner is but I would give Carol Burks a chance mate.

He is in Texas & super helpful, competent & goes the extra yard.

Carol put Ohlins on Lucille front & back & it’s like night & day. Price was reasonable for what I got.

PM me for his contact if y’all are interested.

Major Tom

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Carol “Smarty” Burkes

+2 on calling Carol, you can reach him @

+1 (469) 268-423two

He is on many of the forums as Smarty. 


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