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CB antenna placement

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Adding a cb on my 16 SG. Any ideas for antenna placement? Under fairing like fm/am antenna? What’s my options if any?


I'm no expert on CB radio, but we do have a few on the site.  What kind of range are you looking for with your CB?  The answer to that question will help determine what kind and size antenna you will need.  I seriously doubt a hidden antenna would be an acceptable choice.


Homer 661:
J and M Electronics hidden (fairing) antenna

Had the J&M hidden on my 2016 CVO SG and it worked well.  Don't expect the range you would get with the wip but it is decent.  Easy install.  They include the one sided stick on clips so you can run it up on the inside of the bat wing.

With a SG CVO rear fender and no tour pac where can the antenna be placed? I’d like to get a range of one mile and something low profile.


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