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to those of you that have the new 19 and up GTS Radio does the xm/series still buff and lose the signal like the old ones did the old GT unit im talking about I know my 14 did it a lot

The XM on the 19 RG GTS will drop the signal in a heavily wooded area, doesnt last long. Dont ride through tall buildings in a downtown, but assume it would there as well. The antenna on the bike is in the stock location as I havent moved it because dont think it would make much of a difference. 99.9999% of the time it works

I figured as much thanks

My CVO Street Glide got terrible XM Reception and I ended up moving the antenna outside of the fairing and fixed it.    My CVO Road Glide the XM Works fine in the stock location.     

I read once on this forum that Batwing CVOs got poor Sat Radio reception due to the use of metal moldings for the w/shield over the antennas.   Shark Nose Road Glide's moldings are in location that does not interfere with the Sat Radio.

I had the same issue with XM.  I cancelled it.  Not worth it.  And on top of that they broadcast in mono, so sounds like chit.  You are better off using the XM app (if you have a subscription for your car, for example) through Apple Play or Bluetooth. 


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