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2019 FLTRXSE Red Pepper Touch Up Paint. HD or is there good aftermarket choices?

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I need to fix 2 scratches on my rear fender  :'( I found the place below online, but not sure if there is other places as well? Looks like it would be about $70 shipped for a 4 bottle deal. I'll probably call a dealer on Monday and see what ass-raping deal they will sell it for; if touchup is available.,-2019-FLTRXSE-Red-Pepper-Black-Hole-and-Magnetic-Gray-98601EJF

Harley does make a touch up kit for the Red Pepper and it is four little bottles.  I am pretty sure no one else make a touch up kit for it.

Thanks, I'll have to see what the dealer wants for the kit.

not sure saving a couple of bucks on touch up paint on a 40K+ motorcycle good move IMHO

The 1:
had a couple scratches down to the black on top edge of fairing, dealer got the touch up kit, and either they touched it up,or the body shop that buffed a few other nicks out did it. i have a hard time finding the them now came out very good. you get the three base colors and a bottle of base primer. 


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