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Sorry I was away for the weekend with no phone no computer and no bike.

been wrapped up in a disater at work, since friday night hasent left me a lot of time for the site :'(

I check this site more and more and recognise the work that folks are putting into this site.  I APPRECIATE IT!!

It keeps changing and growing in topics and is getting better and better.

I too would like to see it get more readers.  Those I've told (with CVO's) aren't into computers or the Internet at all - shame great resource.

At big rally's or events - there has got to be a way of spreading the word.  Has anyone spoke to their local dealer about putting up a flyer or something?  Is this something they would do?  That seems like the starting point for most of us.  The local Harley shop(s).


i have given out biz cards at events where i have seen other CVOs and goldiron has given out many as well. some people that i have given them to say they'll check it out but i have never seen them here.

i'm leaving for P.E.I. canada on saturday morning maybe i'll run into some CVOs north of the border

I haven't picked mine up yet. But I came across this, and thought it was great. I check it out all the time. I can't wait till I get mine, so I can discuss ideas.


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