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  Stopped by my local dealer yesterday and they had a new red SE V rod on the floor. Really good looking. I had a seat and this thing is really really comfortable. I sure like my SEEG but this new SE V Rod is stunning! Let's see if I sold the plane and got rid of one of my other vehicles...................... [smiley=beerchug.gif]

Hey Mike,

The SE V-Rod is sharp, but it is definitely a 100 mile bike, even with a Corbin seat, just no place else to put your feet. If you are into speed, it will give you the biggest fix Harley has to offer. Mine is at the painters this week, having skulls and real flames done, I'll show it to you when I get it back.

The V-Rod makes a real nice commuter, but I wouldn't give up my FL for it.

Naw, I wouldn't give up the ole jalapeno, heck it's got me all spoiled with the sound system, cruise control, and nice ride. But I would sure like to have that SE VRod as a second bike.
 I saw a guy with an orange SE V rod yesterday evening at Lumpys, and he said that he has an FL as his main ride and the SE VRod to play around town on.

 I took the SE V Rod for a ride this past weekend.
 Man that thing has got power all over the place. The bike had about 150 miles on it so I gassed it fairly hard a couple of times and it is wicked fast.
 Suspension works great, seat is comfortable and it is as steady as a rock.
 I would like to have the forward controls back about 3" and add a small windshield, and the bike would be a keeper.

I am lucky enough to have a wife who rides. She has 05 SeVrod. I have the SEEG. Her bike is great for around town or fast riding in the mountains. Took her bike to north Georgia and could almost keep up with the rice burners in the mountains. Biggest problem was right turns. Scraped quite a bit off the end of the stock exhaust.
Now A WARNING  to current or future SeVrod owners. DO NOT install reinhart pipes with the Screamin Eagle race tuner kit. My life and my wifes bike has been hell since. The local dealer upsold me to the race tuner kit over the standard download. $460. The reason given was to "tune out flat spots" The bike had none from the factory. It wasn't till I asked later that I found the local dealer had no dyno machine. I asked how do you tune it. The response given was "we have preset settings. The bike was junk the moment i left the dealership. A trip to a local gear head shop and another $500 later the bike runs well enough for my wife but is still not right. I'm now being told the Reinharts have to go if I want to get any kind of decent performance out of it. That will require throwing away the $700 Reinharts and spending another $500 on the new set. I WISH I HAD LEFT THE BIKE STOCK. It was plenty fast and no spits or hiccups. I will probably trade it in for 2006 and leave the new one alone. Hope this keeps someone else from throwing $1500 out the window.


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