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Anyone think that the revolution motor will make it into the FLH series bikes next year?

Doubtful.  If H-D does come up with a variant of the Revolution for touring bikes, they will have to make some major changes to increase low speed torque.  Heavy touring bikes and high rpm low torque motors won't sell very well.  Of course, they will eventually have to convert to water cooling, but I'm quite sure it will be only when they have no other choice.  They do not want to lose their traditional customers, and tradition says big air cooled V-Twin.  If I had to guess, I'd say that when they do make the change they will do it with one new model and work into it gradually.

grc, great prespective.  I think you are exactly right.  HD will need to go that way eventually, but will delay as long as possible.

i agree with you all but i think it will be a retuned version of that motor which hd will use across there range of future  rides . i  have however took the plunge and orderd a new night rod  which has got the same retuned motor thats in the street rod  i found  it a much nicer motor over the standard  v-rod . the riding position on the night rod is more suited to us shorties . the motor on standard pipes still gives good torque but you have too up the revs  i actually found it fun .however they still have the small tank  range of the  v-rod  .

If so, wonder if H-D will come out with Screamin Eagle anti-freeze as well ?  [smiley=confused5.gif]  I think it's inevitable, unless there's major technology break-through in V-Twin cooling, the've about reached the limits of the current air/oil cooled blocks. They had to make oil coolers standard on 103" and should have on the 95" FLTRSEI and SERK's, just to keep internal temps within limits. Can't see me on a water cooled set of wheels, probably too purist.


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