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The attached business card was designed by Striker earlier this year.  Business card designs have been available for a couple of years now as a means of helping make others aware that there is a site dedicated to these fabulous motorcycles.  They're great for slipping between the seat and gas tank of all the CVOs you see at rallies you attend and to have on your bike, in your car, or in your wallet for the times you just happen to see a CVO parked out in front of the local dealer, watering hole, etc.
To have a batch printed, right mouse click on the image below and save it to a diskette, CD, memory stick or other media.  Then, take it to your local print shop (Kinko's or PIP, for example).  Typically, they will have various batch sizes and pricing that you an choose from to have as few or as many run as you think you need.
Note these cards contain all necessary disclaimers, an important point to consider when distributing any printed literature having to do with the site.


Just thought I'd bump this FAQ back up to the top.  With the riding season in full swing now, it seemed like a good time for a reminder about these.  Get some cards printed up, keep 'em on your bike, in the pocket of your favorite riding jacket, and/or in the glove box of you cage and stick them between the seat and the gas tank of every CVO you see! [smiley=xyxthumbs.gif]

Thanks Brian........I handed a few out, on our cross country trip.  

We were at a hotel in Joplin, Mo. with the rains coming down hard and three riders came in while I was unloading my  saddle bags.  One was on a cherry SEEG and the other was on a yellow SEEG and neither had heard of this site.  Gave them both a card but not sure if they'll get here.  Just thought it was an interesting coincidence with two SEEGs pulling in and three already there.

Who is handing out business cards to other CVO owners? 

I've done it for several years. I ran into somebody awhile back that had their username printed (or stamped) on the back.  Thought that was interesting.

I recently had this forum business card duplicated in a higher resolution for a better quality print.  They did a great job of duplicating the original card posted above.

I ordered cards on line from Vista Prints on line.  They also have many other items that you can have the card printed on from magnets to pens to t-shirts and coffee mugs and affordable prices.  I ordered a t-shirt and a check out the quality.  I'll report back next week when I receive the stuff.


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