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FXR3 Air cleaner Disk? Anyone have a pic?

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Here's a question... Anybody know a source for  Part no 29579-99  which is the disk for the air cleaner? Supposedly says 80 Cubic inch FXR3 on it??

It seems that on most (if not all) of the FXR's i've seen, all of them seem to not have any disk at all??

If someone has a pic please post it up, thanks!

Mine has a disk in the center of the AC cover ... however I know of no source to get a new one

1) I'm not selling the one that I have

2) It says FXR4            8)

3) Sorry, I couldn't help you  .....

 I looked at my air cleaner cover. It appears to burnished alumimum insert glued to the air cover. You might find a shop that can make you one and a trophy shop can make the lettering for you. This would be a last resort. I sent a photo of my FXR4 cover the letters should be basicly the same as a guideline.
Good Luck,

I bought a perfect FXR2 (arresting red, 2100 mi.) last summer and it didn't have the air cleaner insert either.  I called my local Harley dealer (Four Rivers Harley Davidson, Paducah, KY) and they ordered one for me.  It cost only $17.

Cindy smith:
Looking for the fxr3 air cleaner cove.


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