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Author Topic: Read me now...before you download that map.  (Read 1141 times)

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Read me now...before you download that map.
« on: January 13, 2010, 07:03:45 PM »

Folks, I want to get your attention to something that has been bugging me for some time....

Regarding the downloading of maps for whatever configuration you have...I would propose that you take it upon your own good judgment to throw a meager donation towards the administration of this site when you download.

Read on....

Many of us appreciate the value of this site and as such have posted maps from our dyno sessions in an effort to help out our brother/sister members.  This I have no problem with and encourage.  What I am getting at is this...I and others have spent good money for dyno'ing our machines and posting our resultant maps for open use.  Case in point....I see where the map I posted has had hits of 465 reads and 91 downloads to date.  I know of only one member from this site, Florida Marine, that acknowledged and personally thanked me for the copy...this was highly appreciated.   

What I am proposing is this.... 

If you download a map and can use it....then throw a meager $10 or $20 or whatever you think it is worth via Paypal toward this site.  I know Naitram could use the boost...face it, it costs money to run these things.   If you download a map and it is not owe nothing.  If you download a map and resell it for your own personal gain...then you are simple monkey-crap in my book and I have absolutely no use for you.  I know there are new accounts & passers-thru who probably are here just for the free stuff and may never be least "man-up" and leave something behind besides a post count of less than 5. 

Bottom line folks...all I am saying is do the right this site and you'll also get a cheap map.


*Moderators...if this is not the right place for this what you need to do.  (or re-edit as necessary) 
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