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Finally have the new nacelle on

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I've finally installed the nacelle kit (after some heartache with eBay sellers).  Install wasn't difficult.  Hardest part was realizing I couldn't use the headlight connector harness that came with the kit and having to solder the original one back to the wires.  Only thing I'm not entirely comfortable with is a gap at the bottom of the visor headlight trim ring I put on (separate item, didn't come with kit).  Anyone else that have the nacelle kit have this issue?

And a big thanks to Rescueu2 for his help!

And please ignore the fingerprints all over the chrome  :-\

a pic of the gap at the bottom I mentioned

that gap is fairly normal with that trim ring


--- Quote from: naitram on May 14, 2010, 09:46:22 PM ---that gap is fairly normal with that trim ring

--- End quote ---
Ditto... It's that way w/the trim ring on mine. :(

Ride Safe,

Hey Tankerpig, Looks great!!
Glad I could help!! My trim ring has the same gap, poor design to say the least, but it is a better looking trim ring compared to the gay ass one HD sends with the kit!!


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