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Author Topic: Wax, Polish, Glaze  (Read 1166 times)

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Wax, Polish, Glaze
« on: October 24, 2010, 06:15:17 PM »

Polish, Wax and Glaze are three complete different products. Depending on what you want to achieve is what you should use. For the people that are putting 2,3 or 4 coats of polish on there paint still have only one coat maybe one real good coat but just one. The stuff will clean the first coat off when you apply the second coat. If you want to add some real depth to your paint and your paint is good and clean, glaze it, then go over it with some good quality wax, the more carnuba yellow content the better the wax. No wax will not last as long as the polymer polishes that are out there but if your looking for that show bike pop use wax instead of polish. You polish silverware to bring out the luster and shine, you wax to bring out depth and brilliance in the paint. Just my 40 years of experience in detail work for what it's worth.

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